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HCA Inc has been around for 20 years building, designing and lending in the greater NW and all over the U.S. We strive to be the best and with our extensive knowledge we have a 100% customer satisfaction.
Our team is made up of the top experts in their fields in the NW. 

Hard money lenders

The list goes on. We always go above and beyond the project specifications. 



Project Managment:

House and commercial real estate flipping

Our approach to preconstruction is a disciplined and systematic method of optimizing every aspect of construction, from cost, schedule and quality, to safety and site logistics. We identify each project’s unique challenges and solve them in advance, using a combination of advanced computer modeling tools and old-fashioned construction know-how. Sometimes it’s figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times it’s inventing a way to build something that has never been done. No matter the size or complexity of the job, Hoffman’s thorough preconstruction services make every project the best it can be.
Our preconstruction services are informed by deep in-house resources.
- Project team management
- Budget and schedule management
- Excellent relationships with qualified subcontractors and suppliers 
- Exterior envelope mock-up, testing and IR imaging
- Safety, and subcontractor safety, meetings
- As-built documentation
- Building commissioning
- Post-construction services
- ViewPoint project management system
House flipping is, essentially, buying a house or property with the intent to sell it for a profit. But the logistics can get pretty complicated. There are a lot of decisions to make from the beginning. Where should you buy? If you purchase a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood, you're banking on the neighborhood increasing in value. If you decide to buy in a new development, you'll want to attract higher-end home buyers who want the luxury features and space offered in the suburbs. If all goes well, you could make a nice profit. But if something goes wrong -- faulty budgeting, timing issues, a crime spike in that up-and-coming neighborhood -- you could be stuck with a house you can't get rid of. Let us help you with finding, financing and building your residential or commercial property.